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Regular funding is the life blood of any mission organization.  If you choose to partner with us, you make it possible for us to declare the good news of the freedom & life found in Christ.  We proclaim this message not in word only but in food assistance & economic opportunity.


There may be business opportunities for you in Romania.  Are you a business person who has a heart for spreading the good news of Christ, or simply have compassion for the poor & oppressed?  Own your own company or work for a company with interest?  We would love to hear from you.


Are you an experienced grant writer?  Grace & Truth could greatly benefit from grants targeted to a variety of developing projects.  Development of economic opportunity for the poor & outcast, local after school programs to eradicate generational poverty, and ongoing food insecurity programs are just a few.


David Krause has a 20-year career in Mortgage Banking.  15 years in the NW Arkansas Metro Area.  If you are a Realtor in Arkansas, your referral can mean more than just a new home for a family here in America.  Your referrals can make it possible for us to devote more of our donations to the mission projects by providing all or most of our own personal support.  Through the miracles of modern technology, I can take calls as if clients were right next door.  I have assembled an all-star team to ensure that closings are smooth and on time.

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